A warm welcome to my ExtraVedette Tax Return Services website!

As a Tax Specialist with a university education in tax law, I am pleased to assist private persons, expats and self-employed workers without employees (ZZP’ers) in preparing and filing their income tax returns. The return is an annually recurring phenomenon, usually preceded by a blue envelope. Everyone is familiar with this, but not everyone is enthusiastic about it. The adage ‘we cannot make it more fun, but we can make it easier’ certainly does not hold for everyone. There are occasions when one does not have the time or will to file one’s own proper and correct return. I am the right address for practical assistance and clarity in filling in your tax return.

I would be pleased to help you! And, also important, I do all this at very competitive rates!


  • preparing (annual) Dutch individual income tax returns (the so-called M-forms, P-forms, C-forms and O-forms)
  • (annual) tax reassessments and submission of a request for a provisional (monthly) tax refund (for mortgage interest or other personal tax deductible items)
  • submitting applications for child care allowances or care allowances

ExtraVedette Tax Return Services is recognized by the Dutch Tax Authorities as a tax consultant under Tax Consultant’s Number 626478.

Should tax or legal assistance by a third party be necessary or desired, I will have many former Big 4 specialists and legal experts in my network who are also able to serve you at competitive prices. I can guarantee that you will be assisted at the highest level.