Child-related budget

The child-related budget is a contribution to the costs of your children up to the age of 18. You receive the child-related budget in addition to child benefit. How much child-related budget you receive depends on:

          • How many children you have
          • Your children’s ages
          • The amount of your (joint) income and any assets

Housing allowance

The housing allowance is a contribution to housing expenses. If you live in a rented house, you may receive a housing allowance. This depends on your situation:

            • Do you live alone or with a partner or co-occupier?
            • What is your age?
            • What is the level of the rent?
            • What kind of rented house do you have?
            • How much income do you have?

Childcare allowance

The childcare allowance is a contribution to the costs of childcare. How much childcare allowance you receive depends on your income, the number of children who go to the childcare facility and the number of care hours for which you are entitled to the childcare allowance.

Who receives a childcare allowance?

Do your children go to a childcare facility? If so, you can receive a childcare allowance if:

            • You work, take training, take a job-related or civil integration course at a certified institution. This also holds for your partner.
            • Your child goes to a registered childcare facility

If you are entitled to an allowance, I would of course be pleased to apply for it on your behalf. If something changes in your situation, I can also change or discontinue the allowance for you. It is important for you to report the change before the situation changes. We can then adjust your allowance in time.

Care allowance

A care allowance is a contribution to the costs of your health insurance. The level of the allowance depends on your (joint) income. The joint assets may not be too high. If you pay premium for Dutch health insurance, you can receive a care allowance. In that case, however, you must satisfy the conditions. Expats can also be eligible for the care allowance. This is generally overlooked. You apply for the care allowance together with your partner, if any. You do not receive a care allowance for children up to 18 years of age. They are actually co-insured free of charge until they reach the age of 18.