Tax returns of self-employed workers without employees

Entrepreneurs are invited at the beginning of the year to file their returns by the issue or sending of tax return forms. The income tax return form can generally be filled in on the basis of the accounts.

You cannot avoid this either as self-employed worker without employees. Each self-employed worker without employees must file his or her income tax return annually. If you start as a self-employed worker without employees, you will have to deal with the tax authorities before earning any turnover. The Dutch Tax Authorities is notified automatically of each entry in the Commercial Register. The government encourages entrepreneurship. Because you incur costs as an entrepreneur, you can make use of tax schemes. What is more, the tax rules for entrepreneurs are highly attractive. Think of the self-employed persons’ deduction, starters’ deduction, investment deduction and SME profit exemption.

Do you need help in filling in your return, do you dread filling in your return or does it take you too much time? ExtraVedette Tax Return Services is pleased to assist you with this. You outsource the whole process surrounding the tax return, which enables you to focus completely on your business. I can also help you well on your way with any required keeping of accounts.

I would also be pleased to assist self-employed workers without employees who emigrate from the Netherlands or immigrate to the Netherlands (expats).

ExtraVedette Tax Return Services prepares your income tax return at a low rate agreed in advance.

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